Push Notifications

Never miss a call and save your battery life with Push Notifications.  Both Android and iOS apps feature incoming call Push Notification alerts.


Android devices come in all shapes and sizes... this is why we update Real Softphone 7-10 times each year.


There are millions of Apple devices out there... and Real Softphone includes key integrations like Callkit (to ensure great call delivery).

Native Desktop Apps

Real Softphone offers native desktop apps, to provide a direct connection and stability for MAC and Windows platforms.

Call Transfer

A great for feature for business users.  Transfer calls to other internal (extension) or external numbers (ie: cellular).

Smart Contacts

Your contacts are essential.  Real Softphone stays in sync with your existing contacts and across multiple devices.

Call Recording

Real softphone apps feature built in call recording... great for meetings and those important calls you want to play back.

Bluetooth Support

Use your favorite Bluetooth headset with Real Softphone (even pairs with most vehicle bluetooth systems).